Lawsuits Continue

The Teddon Building in Downtown Fort
Saskatchewan during the last municipal election.

A series of lawsuits involving a downtown landlord, to my knowledge last reported on in local media by myself in 2013, appear to be unresolved as of press time of this edition of The Bite, despite the passing of several years.

The lawsuits, which combined total over $6.4 million in claims were launched at various times in the Court of Queen’s Bench. They have entangled Axis Real Estate Investment Corporation, owners of the Axis (formerly Teddon) Building (depicted at left) at 100 Street and 103 Avenue in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan.

One of the lawsuits has the City of Fort Saskatchewan itself as a defendant. That lawsuit was initiated as a $2.3 million claim against the City in July of 2009. That suit alleges, among other things, that the City both breached its lease for space in the lower floor of the building and defamed Axis. The city had occupied office space in the building since 1985. None of Axis’ allegations have been proven in Court.

Notably, one of Axis’ principals, Harvey Jaehn, donated to Mayor Gale Katchur’s 2010 election campaign. Harvey, and his wife Jacquie, have also supported Katchur’s campaign in 2013 by providing frontage for election signage on the Axis Building and the use of “Brutus,” an old van that served as a mobile billboard for some of Katchur’s larger campaign signs.

Also seemingly unresolved as of press time was a lawsuit involving Axis and the building’s former owners. According to Court documents I again recently reviewed at the Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton, Axis and a seemingly related numbered company sued Ho Hong Diep and Hong Kin Holdings Ltd., the building’s former owners, in 2008.

That lawsuit seeks to recover $545,800 from Diep and his company, for, among other things, allegedly not disclosing defects in the property prior to its sale. Those allegations also have not been proven in Court.

A third lawsuit related to the building also appears to be unresolved, according to documents I reviewed in recent weeks.

That lawsuit was launched by the former owners of Dovgan’s Ukrainian Bakery & Cafe Ltd., and its principals, who owned and operated a cafe and bakery that occupied part of the space formerly rented by the City. The space is now occupied by another restaurant.

Their lawsuit sought $3,542,020 in damages. Axis subsequently sued by counterclaim for $54,816.29. No claims in that suit have been proven in Court.

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