Taking A No-nonsense Approach

Welcome to the first edition of The Bite newsmagazine. It is a 32-page publication, available in both a widely-distributed, absolutely free print edition, and an online version accessible on the web.

What can our readers expect in The Bite? A self-funded, professionally printed newsmagazine devoid of advertising.

You can also expect a no-nonsense approach to what we deem important issues, locally, provincially, nationally and even internationally. Our hard-working style of journalism means we are preeminent truth-seekers, diligently working to give our readers plain facts, professional analyses, and informed opinions.

We cast a wide net, reaching out to leaders, experts and those “in-the-know” for comments and interviews, while also doing deep research including Freedom of Information (FOIP) requests and inspecting publicly-accessible legal and other documents when we feel it is necessary to deliver the most accurate, engaging, and thought-provoking content possible.

Our editorial team’s combined years in the publishing industry also means that we can rely upon a strong network of media, political and legal consultants and associates. Because many of our articles will be particularly straightforward in presenting information in the public interest, we will also diligently defend our right to write the truth and present our honestly held opinions.

For that reason, as the Editor, I will not hesitate to take a legal approach to any commentary that defames or harasses our writers, commentators, and contributors or actions that attempt to maliciously inhibit the distribution of The Bite in print or online.

Political winds are changing. We have witnessed this in the most recent provincial, federal and even United States elections. I believe that we will also see the political winds change in our next municipal election this October, therefore, a substantial focus will be on keeping our readers informed on local political matters of public interest. This will, of course, be tempered by lighter reading that is also of general interest. Enjoy!

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