Taking A No-nonsense Approach

Welcome to the first edition of The Bite newsmagazine. It is a 32-page publication, available in both a widely-distributed, absolutely free print edition, and an online version accessible on the web. What can our readers expect in The Bite? A self-funded, professionally printed newsmagazine devoid of advertising. You can also expect a no-nonsense approach to … Read more Taking A No-nonsense Approach

Who’s Not Watching Every Penny?

Just how closely is Fort Saskatchewan Mayor Gale Katchur and most of City Council “watching every penny” when it comes to spending taxpayer dollars? Reece Sellin makes some interesting discoveries on how Council is spending your money. What’s it called when you say one thing and then do another? If you listen to Mayor Gale … Read more Who’s Not Watching Every Penny?

Mayor Contradicted On Hospital Comments

Asked if Katchur’s claim about Emergency Room beds being used as storage was accurate, AHS spokesperson Kerry Williamson said, “no, that is not accurate.” To read Fort Saskatchewan Mayor Gale Katchur’s Facebook post on Monday, February 27th, one could think the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital (FSCH) was in a state of crisis. In what I … Read more Mayor Contradicted On Hospital Comments

Should You Worry About a Neighbourhood Psychopath?

The Bite talks to psychotherapist and author Steve Becker, LCSW, CH.T Is your “friendly neighbourhood psychopath” someone to be concerned about? And, who or what exactly is a “psychopath?” In this interview, we discuss these topics with renowned psychotherapist Steve Becker, LCSW CH.T. Steve has “written the book” on psychopathy, having authored The Inner World … Read more Should You Worry About a Neighbourhood Psychopath?

Private Babysitting Businesses Need More Regulations

The Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA) is echoing calls from Ontario for increased regulation on private babysitting businesses, following concerning incidents in both provinces. Late last month, the Home Child Care Association of Ontario suggested that province change its child care regulations to ban private babysitters from caring for more than three … Read more Private Babysitting Businesses Need More Regulations

It’s Not Going to Be Okay!

During the last week leading up to the presidential election, Canadian friends were approaching me with questions. Chief among them was “what the hell is happening down there” and “they wouldn’t really elect Trump, would they?” It reminded me of a Twitter conversation I had back in January of 2016 with a farmer in the … Read more It’s Not Going to Be Okay!

Less Liquor?

Last month, Fort Saskatchewan City Councillor Arjun Randhawa proposed new liquor store density regulations. He proposed that new liquor stores be placed more than 750 metres from existing stores. The proposal was withdrawn following debate and heated public comment. We talk to Lana Wells, Associate Professor and the Brenda Strafford Chair in the Prevention of … Read more Less Liquor?